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Instrument Panel Designer Support
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Instrument Panel Designer Support

Getting started

Once you're logged in, click on the Panel Designer drop-down link from the menu icon on the top left of the page and select My designs, or from the menu item at the bottom of any page. This will open your Panel Designs Management Page where you can Create a New Design, Open, Compare, Rename, Copy, or Delete your saved designs.

Create a New Design

After clicking on the Create New Panel Design button, simply give your design a name, add additional space to the top and/or bottom of your panel template (note...this will take up space in your design window so use this feature sparingly), and select a panel template using the search function on the right. Select the panel and click on the Create button on the left.

You will then be taken to the Panel Designer and your panel template will load in the main window. See the video below for a demonstration



Add instruments to your design

Once you've opened the panel design you wish to work on, click on the search box in the bottom left corner of the Panel Designer window. Type in a manufacturer, part number, model, or keyword to find the instrument you would like to add. Available instruments will appear in the window below the search box. Use the scroll bar below the search bar to see all available instruments and equipment that meet your search criteria.

To add an instrument to your design simply click and hold on an instrument as you drag it to the panel template. When you have it where you want it unlock.

To view the details of an instrument simply click on it to display the details in the info box on the right side of the Panel Designer. You can also see instrument details of instruments in the search results in the search bar by clicking on them. Clicking on your panel template will display it's details.

Panel Designer mouse clicks and results include:

  • Single left mouse click - Display the details of the instrument to the right of your panel template (when you click on your panel template, the aircraft manufacturer will be displayed)
  • Left mouse click and hold - Drag and drop the instrument on your panel template
  • Double mouse click - From the search results opens the Add Multiple Instruments tool. This tool is very useful for adding multiple switches or circuit breakers to your panel



Using the Add Multiple Instruments tool

Double left mouse click on an instrument in the search results. A popup dialog will appear allowing you to specify the number of rows, instruments per row, vertical spacing, and horizontal spacing (in inches) of the selected instrument. For example; if you wish to add 3 rows of 5 circuit breakers:

  • Search for circuit breaker
  • Double click on the circuit breaker in the search results
  • Number of Rows = 3
  • Instruments per Row = 5
  • Vertical Spacing = .25
  • Horizontal Spacing = .25
  • Click the Add button

15 circuit breakers will be added to the designer window, grouped together by default, which you can now drag and drop on your panel.

Selecting, Grouping, and Ungrouping Instruments



  • Selecting an instrument - Single mouse click on the instrument (a thin red box will appear around the instrument)
  • Deselecting an instrument - Click anywhere on the panel template (not on another instrument)/li>
  • Grouping Multiple Instruments - Single mouse click on the instruments you wish to group and then click on the Group Icon  from the top tools menu
  • Ungrouping Instruments - Click on the group of instruments and then click on the Ungroup icon  from the top tools menu

Additional Tools - Top of Designer

  •  Undo: Undos the last change to the panel
  •  Redo: Redoes the last removed change
  •  Left: Aligns the selected instruments with the left of the first selected instrument
  •  Right: Aligns the selected instruments with the right of the first selected instrument
  •  Top: Aligns the selected instruments with the top of the first selected instrument
  •  Bottom: Aligns the selected instruments with the bottom of the first selected instrument
  •  Lock: Locks all selected instruments in place so they are not inadvertently moved
  •  Unlock: Unlocks all selected instruments to allow for movement / replacement
  •  Group: Groups all selected instruments in place
  •  Ungroup: Ungroups selected instruments to allow for independent movement
  •  Spacing: Vertical / Horizontal spacing between two instruments
  •  Delete: Removes all selected instruments



Save Design Menu Item

When you are finished with your Panel Design for the time being simply hit the Save menu item to save it. *As a safety feature, the designer will auto-save your design every 15 minutes.

Export Design Image Menu Item

To export an image of your completed design, simply click on the Export Design Image link in the menu bar and select Download. This will download a .png image that in some cases will need to be re-sized appropriately for sharing on social media.

Upload your own, or missing, Panel Templates or Instruments

If you're unable to find the Panel Template or Instrument you need for your project, we allow you to upload your own. Once uploaded, the Panel Template or Instrument will only be available to you until we can evaluate the item and image quality. Once we have verified the data and resampled the imagery (if required) we will add the item to the public database for other users to enjoy.

Although the dimensional size of the images you upload is not critical, as the Panel Designer automatically dimensionalizes images on the fly, the quality of the image is important. Use the following guidelines for formatting images. For the the best results, we recommend you use a quality image editor as it will net the best result when resampling images.

  • Image type: .PNG
  • Image Resolution: At least 72 pixels/inch
  • Image size: If you start with an image that is dimensionally correct; 72 pixels/inch and at least as large as the actual item, your image should be very good - For example, a 3 1/4" instrument at 72 pixel/inch should be at least 225 pixels wide
  • Remove all white space from image: Crop or trim the image to remove any extra space around the Panel Template or Instrument
  • Use transparent background: Delete all white space, or other color that may be behind or adjacent to the image

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out via our Contact Form or Email