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Aircraft Builder's Logs and Flying BLogs

Our new BLogs feature will allow you to create a Builder's Log (BLog) to document the build or rebuild of your aircraft project! You could also use your BLog to document your first flights, inspections and maintenance, or share your trips and flying stories!


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Oct 04, 2021

Tried doing a mock-up on the iPad with a cheap application—then I found hangarflying.com, and it looks so much cleaner :) Except for the Foreflight picture...but I heard they'll be taking care of that for me - thank you :)

Our Instrument Panel Designer is live!

Some of the features of our Panel Designer include...

Hundreds of instrument panel templates
Thousands of instruments and components
Upload your own panel templates and instruments
Save multiple iterations of your custom panel
Export a high resolution images of your panel designs
Share your panels designs on social media
More to come soon...


Cessna 172A


Rans S-21 Outbound


Van's RV-4

Our YouTube Channel has Video Tutorials!

Hopefully these new videos will help with your Panel Designs!
All the video tutorials can also be found on the Help & Support pages.

If you're interested in making some video tutorials for the site please let us know!