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What's new for 2022 - Aircraft Builder'd Logs, Community BLogs and more coming soon!

Our new BLogs feature will allow you to create a Builder's Log (BLog) to document the build or rebuild of your aircraft project! You could also use your BLog to document the first flights, insoections and maintenace of your aircraft, share your trips and flying stories, and so much more!

Other features planned include updated User profiles, Private messaging, avition forums, aviation marketplace, and more!



You can now export/download your an image of your Panel Design!

Now fully automated! Export a Design Image to your PC and it will automatically be added to our Featured Panel Designs page.


Our YouTube Channel has Video Tutorials!

Hopfully these new videos will help with your Panel Designs! All the video tutorials can also be found on the help page. We'll be adding a new Hangar Flying YouTube channel soon and will try to get some new videos done.



Hangar Flying Panel Designer Features:

Choose from over 300 Instrument Panel Templates
Pick from over 1100 different Instruments
Upload and utilize your own panel templates and instruments
Design and save multiple iterations of your custom instrument panel
Export a high resolution images of your Panel Designs
Export detailed equipment lists - coming soon
Collaborate with other HangarZulu users - coming soon
Collaborate with vendors for cutting, painting, labeling and more - coming soon


RV-8 and RV-7 panels designed on HangarZulu

GRT Avionics

Welcome to the
Hangar Flying Community!​​​​​

It looks like you're on a mobile device. Many apps and features of the hangar Flying Commulity work best on a PC, iPad or Android tablet


We've recently completed some server upgrades and other performance enhancements to support future apps and features including our new Blogging app we hope to release for Christmas!

Soon you'll be able to create a Builder's Log to document and share your Homebuilt aircraft build, share flying adventures and stories, create a detailed maintenance log with descriptions and photos of inspections and repairs, or just about anything else you can think of!

Blog Example

Also, updated User Profiles, Private Messaging, Aviation Forums and a Marketplace also coming very soon!


Our Instrument Panel Designer
is now live!

- Choose from hundreds of Instrument Panel Templates and thousands of Instruments
- Upload and utilize your own panel templates and instruments
- Design and save your custom instrument panel
- Export high resolution images of your Panel Design

Since resurrecting the original ePanel Builder our members have created and saved thousands of panels designed! Here are a few examples.

Van's RV-4 with Levil and iPad
Van's RV-7

Rans S-21
Rans S-21

Cessna 172A
Cessna 172A

Check out more Featured Panel Designs


Our YouTube Channel has Video Tutorials!

We're still working on these and hope to have some new/better videos to upload soon. In the mean time, we hope these videos will help you create better Panel Designs for your aircraft!
All video tutorials can also be found on YouTube.