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Aircraft Builder's Logs and Flying BLogs

Our new BLogs feature will allow you to create a Builder's Log (BLog) to document the build or rebuild of your aircraft project! You could also use your BLog to document your first flights, inspections and maintenance, or share your trips and flying stories!


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Nov 02, 2022

It's been about a year since I ordered the kit in the midst of the pandemic....  Only about 6 months left to wait!  I checked in with the company and at least the delivery date hasn't slipped.

I had been building a Vans RV-14A, but sold that kit a bit over a year ago.  I was working in tech and scored enough cash to buy a 2004 Cirrus SR-22 which duplicated most of the mission I intended for the RV (fast cross country mover) but with 4 seats and air conditioning (I live in hot inland California!).

I was looking for a fun slow-mover that I could run in STOL competitions and take camping out in the desert when I ran across the Just aircraft.  I think the slats are cool and I'll have fun practicing on the grass at Flabob (KRIR) before heading out to the desert.

Getting ready to semi-retire, so I should have the time to steadily build.

Current plans are to get some tailwheel time at a local flying club and then take an off airport course.   Still wondering how to get transition training.

Instrument Panel Designer!

Some of the features of our Panel Designer include...

Hundreds of instrument panel templates
Thousands of instruments and components
Upload your own panel template and instruments
Export a high resolution image of your panel design
Share your panels design on social media
More to come soon...


Cessna 172A


Rans S-21 Outbound


Van's RV-4

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