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Hours:  2.00
Feb 23, 2023

Installed and mostly wired in the panel is a Dynon FlightDek D180, Garmin GPSMap 496 w/panel mount, Radio (not sure what one at the moment) and a few other items.  The biggest item I need to add is ADS-B. I would like to have ADS-B in to the D180, but that might not be feasible.  I like the EFIS features, the autopilot servos are installed. Lots to test/validate and finalize.

I'm currently a VFR pilot and someday plan to get my IFR.  Current plan is to finish out the plane by adding the Turbo and fly with existing equipment (+ADS-B).  While flying the 40 hours off I will be planning the next panel to build and swap in over a few winter months.  That would trigger a requirement to fly off another 5 or more hours again as I understand it.  Full IFR (for a homebuilt) is the long term goal.