Panel Upgrade

BLog By:  Mickey
Start Date:  Oct 04, 2021
Finish Date:  Still Working!
Total Expenses:  $0
Total Hours: 30

The Long Road to a new panel....
Expenses:  $0.00
Hours:  25.00
Jan 23, 2023
Many hours were spend on wiring sensors, crimping, splicing, and re-doing the whole power bus just to make sure most of the breakers still fit in the original place rather than make a bunch of holes in the panel. Added an Avionics Master switch.  Everything ringed out, power and ground is good. Powe more

Expenses:  $0.00
Hours:  5.00
Oct 08, 2022
Placing all the instruments in the panel, and test fitting the panel overlay. . . making sure it all fits as intended. . .

Expenses:  $0.00
Hours:  0.00
Apr 18, 2022
. . . not realizing I would be looking at “wholes” for 8+ months. . . . .

Expenses:  $0.00
Hours:  0.00
Oct 04, 2021
Tried doing a mock-up on the iPad with a cheap application—then I found hangarflying. com, and it looks so much cleaner :) Except for the Foreflight picture. . . but I heard they'll be taking care of that for me - thank you :) more