Panel Upgrade

BLog By:  Mickey
Start Date:  Oct 04, 2021
Finish Date:  Still Working!
Total Expenses:  $0
Total Hours: 30

The Long Road to a new panel....
Expenses:  $0.00
Hours:  0.00
Apr 04, 2023
19 months since the plane went down, and many moons of waiting for Garmin Equipment, then waiting to get someone to work on the plane and finally, getting someone to do the finishing touches and sign everything off. But after some long nights, it's finally complete. :)

Expenses:  $0.00
Hours:  25.00
Jan 23, 2023
Many hours were spend on wiring sensors, crimping, splicing, and re-doing the whole power bus just to make sure most of the breakers still fit in the original place rather than make a bunch of holes in the panel. Added an Avionics Master switch.  Everything ringed out, power and ground is good. Powe more

Expenses:  $0.00
Hours:  5.00
Oct 08, 2022
Placing all the instruments in the panel, and test fitting the panel overlay. . . making sure it all fits as intended. . .

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Hours:  0.00
Apr 18, 2022
. . . not realizing I would be looking at “wholes” for 8+ months. . . . .

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Hours:  0.00
Oct 04, 2021
Tried doing a mock-up on the iPad with a cheap application—then I found hangarflying. com, and it looks so much cleaner :) Except for the Foreflight picture. . . but I heard they'll be taking care of that for me - thank you :) more